Taking Place VIRTUALLY
June 13-19, 2021




Thank you for your interest in being a Counselor at Nevada Girls State!!

So, what does it take to be a counselor?

Due to the different nature of this year’s session, Counselor’s Responsibilities will be different too! Normally, these would include: 

  • Help delegates to find their cabins, get situated, and become acquainted with you and each other.
  • Learn the names of the delegates in your cabin as quickly as possible. Get to know all of them and their interests. Make the delegates feel welcome and part of the group the moment they arrive.
  • Go over the handbook with the delegates. Make sure they understand all of it. (If there is something you do not understand or have questions about, ask Daela or Courtenay.)
  • Ensure that all delegates understand what is expected of them during general assemblies, ceremonies, meals, elections, and lights out, as well as at the legislative session on Friday. Attendance is required at all events and appropriate behavior is expected.
  • Watch for signs of injury or illness, as well as homesickness.
  • Facilitate city, county, and party meetings. Allow the delegates to be their own leaders. Be there to answer questions, and try to stay in the background.
  • Prepare and supervise elections.
  • Supervise all activities in the chambers and hallways during the legislative session on Friday.
  • Lead by example. Know all procedures. If you aren’t sure about something, ask.
  • Be available to assist delegates and other staff members in any way necessary.

Other duties may include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Take daily counts of your citizens
  • Troubleshooting situations such as homesickness
  • Bear-wrangling

And for more about being a counselor, please take a look at our Counselor Handbook, which includes an example of our Daily Schedule (note that the schedule changes every year).

Apply Now!

Due by June 1st