ALA Girls Nation

ALA Girls Nation, first held in 1947, provides young women with first-hand experiences of the operations of our national government.

Each year, two individuals are selected from among the delegates of each Girls State program to attend Girls Nation as Senators from their State. These amazing young women spend a week in Washington, D.C. participating in a mock legislature, submitting and debating bills and resolutions, holding national party conventions, and electing officials such as President and Vice-President. They also take part in field trips including a visit to the White House and Arlington National Cemetery, tours of our national monuments, and a day on Capital Hill meeting with Senators and Representatives.

For more information on this incredible program, please click here to visit the American Legion Auxiliary website.

Past Girls Nation Senators from Nevada

1947: Alice Brady, Las Vegas and Rene O’Doan (Vesco), Carlin
1948: Jennie Gibson, Las Vegas and Lois Kattenhorn (Kurtz), Battle Mountain
1949: Andrea Anchart, Reno and Alice Melendy (Bradshaw), Sparks
1950: Diana Perry, Las Vegas and Pat Turner, Elko
1951: Barbara Huntington (White), Las Vegas and Carol Tollefsen (Cippola), Sparks
1952: Shirley Amodei (Janey), Carson City and Donna Fisher, Reno
1953: Myram Borders, Las Vegas and Jean Peer, Fallon
1954: Judy Dukes (Benedetti), Reno and Carol Gardenswarts (de Priest), Sparks
1955: Vesiellen Eberle, Las Vegas and Glenda Muchow, Boulder City
1956: Olymnda Franklin, Boulder City and Margaret Eddelman, Reno
1957: Margaret Hatfield, Winnemucca and Judy Oama, Reno
1958: Ann Madden (Smith), Yerington and Ellen Murphy (Fockler), Reno
1959: Roxanna Jensen, Elko and Joyce Marks, Carson City
1960: Michaela Luana, Boulder City and Phyllis Nelson, Las Vegas
1961: Joanne Freeman, Sparks and Marilyn Kelch (Gubler), Las Vegas
1962: Lorie Belknap, Boulder City and Linda Jurtz, Reno
1963: Mary Bellentyne, Boulder City and Jacqueline Darrigrand, Carson City
1964: Kim Lohse, Reno and Laura Tiberti, Las Vegas
1965: Ann Doty, Logandale and Marcia Smith, Las Vegas
1966: Diana Titlow, Tonopah and Valerie Wiener, Las Vegas
1967: Patricia Dailey, Sparks and Kathy McCance, Las Vegas
1968: Arlene Hirschman, Fallon and Wilma Prudhomme, Las Vegas
1969: Jan Christian, Boulder City and Wendy Darling, Las Vegas
1970: Ann Humphreys, Reno and Melinda Torvinen, Reno
1971: Marti Ashcroft, Las Vegas and Peggy Powell, Sparks
1972: Joanie Franks, Las Vegas and Vicki Marshall, Las Vegas
1973: Lisa Larson, Las Vegas and Mary Shannon, Las Vegas
1974: Paula Duncan, Reno and Carla Ford, Las Vegas
1975: Mary Coleman, Las Vegas and Kathy Roberts, Reno
1976: Renae Derringer, Las Vegas and Lisa Krutz, Las Vegas
1977: Kim Jackson, Las Vegas and Ann Scott, Las Vegas
1978: Mary Crane, Las Vegas and Bridget Hughes, Las Vegas
1979: Tami Bass, North Las Vegas and Marcie Hunter, Owyhee
1980: Pam Coon, Las Vegas and Chris Kelley, Sparks
1981: Rachelle Deveaux, Las Vegas and Amy Peel, Sparks
1982: Sandra Barnes, Las Vegas and Stacy McCart, Las Vegas
1983: Carolyn Sue Brady, Las Vegas and Elisa Fernandez, Las Vegas
1984: Jody Conn, Reno and Karen Dorf, Gardnerville
1985: Laryn Dunn, Las Vegas and Andrea Henderson, Las Vegas
1986: Robin Sakahara, Las Vegas and Kim Vasconi, Las Vegas
1987: Michele Hardy, Las Vegas and Nuri Lindberg, Las Vegas
1988: Jennifer Johnson, Overton and Mercy Malick, Las Vegas
1989: Camille Ariotti, Boulder City and Christy Tice, Las Vegas
1990: Bella Bakrania, Las Vegas and Heidi Portenstein, Las Vegas
1991: Melanie Edwards, Las Vegas and Amy Greco, Las Vegas
1992: Rachel Payne, North Las Vegas and Stacie Somers, Henderson
1993: Jennifer Beatty, Las Vegas and Shaela Offord, Las Vegas
1994: Hillary Aisenstein, Henderson and Erica Etienne, Las Vegas
1995: Rosemarie McMorris, Las Vegas and Annemarie Schneider, Henderson
1996: Amber Devos, Incline Village and Puong Vuong, Las Vegas
1997: Joy Powers, Reno and Randi van Drimmelen, Las Vegas
1998: Katie Mollart, Yerington and Janis van Alstine, Carlin
1999: Jody Hangawatte, Henderson and Shavawn Smith, Winnemucca
2000: Amy Northrup, Henderson and Shweta Shrivastava, North Las Vegas
2001: Brook Buerkle, Elko and Natasha Motwani, Henderson
2002: Kadee Jo Carpenter, Elko and Bridget Kelleher, Henderson
2003: Casey Hogle, Elko and Caroline Vincent, Henderson
2004: May Beth Acac, North Las Vegas and Samantha Steelman, Las Vegas
2005: Mallory Cyr, Las Vegas and Wen Hui Tan, Henderson
2006: Laura Redfern, Henderson and Sally Wilkerson, Spring Creek
2007: Dharti Bhakta, Elko and Melanie Mathis, Las Vegas
2008: Brittney Regal, Henderson and Clara Ritger, Genoa
2009: Kaitlin Babbitt, Douglas and Natasha Lejbman, Las Vegas
2010: Sarah Teferi, Henderson and Marcela Rodriguez (Jones), Henderson
2011: Stefanie Cotei, Las Vegas and Miu Suzuki, Henderson
2012: Caolinn Mejza, Henderson and Aquilla Ossian, Las Vegas
2013: Julia Espero, Henderson and Yujin Seo, Henderson
2014: Khadija Bhatti, Henderson and Greer Sullivan, Reno
2015: Aife Mejza, Henderson and Sarah Osborne, Reno
2016: Samantha Ross, Henderson and Allyson Snelling, Las Vegas
2017: Peyton Walker, Las Vegas and Kaitlyn Willoughby, Las Vegas
2018: Morgan Heath-Powers, Reno and Aisha Sanwal, Las Vegas
2019: Ruth Daniel, Las Vegas and Madison Julien, Bunkerville
2020: no session due to the COVID-19 pandemic
2021: YiJun Kim, Las Vegas, and Jena Scharoun, Reno

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