Frequently Asked Questions

Can I be a delegate?

In order to attend Nevada Girls State, a student must:

  • Identify as female (if you know male students seeking a similar opportunity, please visit the Nevada Boys State website)
  • Currently be a Junior (entering their Senior year after their attendance)
  • Have at least one (1) semester of high school remaining
  • Submit all required fees and forms
  • Be able to attend the entire session (we don’t allow students to arrive late or depart early)

That’s it! Students who are eager to learn and participate, who are willing to trust in the process they’ll go through during their week with our program, and who think they will gain something from the experience make the best delegates. You’re not required to be nominated or sponsored by your school or an American Legion Auxiliary Unit. There is also no GPA or other academic requirement.

Do I need to include anything with my registration form (e.g., a résumé, recommendations, a transcript, etc.)?

Nope! We don’t require resumes, recommendations, transcripts, or anything additional to be included with your registration form. NOTE: All registrants who meet the qualifications are considered to be accepted. We will be in contact as the session approaches to make sure you’ve sure all additional required paperwork and fees have been received.

How much does Nevada Girls State cost?

  • $250 Registration Fee
  • $40 Materials Fee
  • $75 Bus Fee (only applicable to students taking the bus from points South of Silver Springs, including the greater Las Vegas area)

How long is the bus ride?

From Las Vegas, the bus ride is about 9 to 10 hours long, depending on how many stops are made. Obviously for anyone catching the bus north of Las Vegas, the bus ride is a bit shorter.

What is the weather like?

The weather is generally quite nice, although it can be cold at night and in the early morning. With this being said, the weather can vary wildly. In years past, we have experienced heavy rainstorms and even snow as late as June and July. Pack warm clothes as well as lighter items, just in case.

What do I need to bring?

There are many items that you may find useful during the Nevada Girls State session. Here’s what we suggest:

Can I bring food?

No. We promise to feed you three meals a day, so you won’t need to bring any food. Also, we do not allow delegates to keep food in their rooms because it attracts insects and animals.

What if I’m vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten intolerant, or otherwise have special dietary needs?

Be sure to note an special dietary requirements on the Medical History and Insurance Coverage form in your Waivers Packet. We’ll make sure that you are accommodated.

Will there be a store? What will be available? How much do things cost?

We do have a store where you can purchase Nevada Girls State sweatshirts and sweatpants. All items are sold at cost; we do not make any money from them.

What are the rooms like?

The rooms are fairly basic. The beds don’t come with bedding, so you will need to bring your own. We suggest a fitted sheet for a twin size mattress, a sleeping bag, and an extra warm blanket, as it can get cold at night.

How much sleep can I expect to get?

You can generally expect to get 6-8 hours of sleep per night. Of course, remember that this may vary based on such factors as how much sleep you want to get, how much you choose to participate in activities such as campaigning, and how much you chat with the other delegates at night.

Is there wi-fi?

We do not allow delegates to use the wi-fi connection, nor do we allow the use of computers or cell phones while any meetings of the session are in progress. Additionally, delegates bring electronic devices at their own risk.

Can I leave the campus?

No. For safety reasons, we do not allow our delegates to leave the campus during the week expect during field trips that are part of the program.

What if I have an emergency?

Individual and off-camp emergencies will be addressed on a case by case basis.

PARENTS/GUARDIANS: If there is a family emergency and you don’t intend to bring your daughter home from campus, please do not inform her of the emergency. By telling her, you have only separated her from a necessary and important support system and created an extremely stressful environment. If you do intend to pick up your daughter early, please contact the Director to inform her of the situation immediately, and tell your daughter only once you have arrived at the campus.