2011 Session

Welcome to the 2011 Session of Nevada Girls State!


GERALDINE CONNOLLY CITY is named for our past Nevada Girls State Director. Mrs. Connolly was the Director for more than 30 years and she had on the Board of Directors since 1965. Mrs. Connolly passed away in 2008 leaving Nevada Girls State as her legacy. She has left us with some big shoes to fill. We will do our best to honor her.

SUE WAGNER CITY is named for the former Lieutenant Governor of the State of Nevada and was the first woman to hold this office in Nevada. She served in the Assembly and in the Senate before becoming Lt. Governor. She spoke to the Nevada Girls State citizens each year for 21 years, and is dedicated to the program. She is also a Girls State alumna, having attended in Arizona.

BARBARA BUCKLEY CITY is named for the immediate-past Speaker of the Assembly, who is also the first woman to hold this position in the State of Nevada. Prior to becoming the Speaker, she served in the Assembly before serving as Assistant Majority Floor Leader. She was also the first woman to hold the position of Assembly Majority Leader for the Nevada State Legislature.

CARLENE ASHWORTH CITY is named for the current National President of the American Legion Auxiliary. Ashworth is a 45-year member of the American Legion Auxiliary. she is a member of Edward H. White II Unit 521 in Pasadena, Texas and has held a number of leadership roles in the Auxiliary. She is a current board member of the American Legion Auxiliary Foundation. Retired as an accountant in 2009, Ashworth has 2 children and children-in-law, 4 grandchildren, and 6 siblings —all members of The American Legion Family. She also is a partner of the 8&40.

This year, we had the honor of welcoming Mrs. Carlene Ashworth at our camp! We truly enjoyed having her there, and hope she feels the same about being there.


The counties of Nevada Girls State are always named in honor of Department Presidents of the American Legion Auxiliary, Department of Nevada. This year, we have two counties, each consisting of an equal number of citizens, and they are named for:

Mrs. Ellen Wolfe from Winnemucca.

Mrs. Cinnamin Stephens from Las Vegas who is our immediate-past Department President.