Taking Place VIRTUALLY
June 14-18, 2021





TOTAL COST: $250 per delegate

The registration process for Nevada Girls State is once again upon us! Our Seventy-Third Annual Session will be held VIRTUALLY in 2021. We are asking for your help in selecting qualified and enthusiastic delegates for this year’s session from the schools with which your unit is affiliated. Below you will also find an information letter for your own records, a general information letter for potential delegates, bus and registration information, and one copy of our waivers packet that all delegates MUST complete and return. Registration forms must be completed online and are no longer available on paper. Also, please note that the program no longer sends out an information packet to delegates. All schools have also been directed to our website for information, including how to contact your unit. Any documents you receive must be returned to Daela Gibson, Director, or Courtenay Burns, Chair.

If you are not sending the allotted number of delegates from the schools, please advise the school of the above fees for delegates they are planning to sponsor themselves or for whom they are finding other funding resources. Registration fees for delegates beyond what your unit may sponsor may be contributed through the school, the delegate’s parents/guardians, a community service organization, a business, etc. Registration forms must be turned in for all delegates regardless of sponsor and those registration forms must be submitted through this website.

Here we would like to briefly describe the type of delegate we are looking for. Delegates to Nevada Girls State must be prepared to participate in a fast-paced week filled with information, training, and tools to help her become a more active and educated citizen. We ask that delegates remain with the program for the entire week and participate in all activities, such as running for office, writing legislation, and being active in the mock legislative session on Friday. We know that some selection processes rely heavily on GPA in order to choose delegates, but we would like to remind you that we really desire delegates to be excellent young women in an all-around sort of way. They do not have to be extremely outgoing, they do not have to be honor students, and they do not even have to know much about local government or legislation writing. While these characteristics may certainly be helpful, we are ultimately looking for individuals who are eager to learn and willing to trust in the process they will go through during their week with our program.

In addition, the Samsung Scholarship information is below. Again, we are no longer mailing information packets to the delegates; all forms they need, as well as additional information they may find helpful, is available on this website.

Also, please note that we are no longer inviting parents to attend the graduation ceremony at the end of our week. Logistically, we simply cannot manage to accommodate them.

Lastly, you are all invited to be counselors at this year’s session. This is a fantastic program provided by the American Legion Auxiliary with tremendous support from the University of Nevada, Reno. We want our delegates to be able to see Auxiliary women at work and for you to have the opportunity to visit with these amazing young women. We would also like you to see the results of your own efforts and the efforts our delegates. If you are able to volunteer, please contact Daela or myself so we can make the arrangements to get you up to us!

If there is any other information you would like, or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will gladly talk with you or communicate by email.

Below are individual links to all the forms and information that the delegates will need, plus a General Information Letter (for delegates to give to their parents) and a Letter to the Schools. 

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Required Forms

Other Information

  • How to Write Legislation
  • Samsung College Scholarship
    complete and submit online
    This scholarship is available only to Girls State and Boys State delegates each year and is offered by the Samsung Corporation in conjunction with the American Legion. Nevada Girls State does not administer this scholarship.


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