It is with great sadness that we have to inform you that we have decided we will be unable to conduct a Nevada Girls State session this year. Unfortunately, with schools not coming back into session this year, there isn’t a good way for us to recruit delegates.

We know that this is very disappointing because normally only Juniors can attend. However, since this is a very odd circumstance, we plan to allow both Juniors and Seniors to attend next year. As always, we will reach out early next year with information about 2021 session.

We look forward to seeing your students at Nevada Girls State 2021.


The application process for Nevada Girls State is once again upon us! The Seventy-Third Annual Session of the American Legion Auxiliary’s Nevada Girls State will be held in 2021, at the University of Nevada, Reno 4-H Camp at Lake Tahoe. We are again asking for your help in selecting qualified and enthusiastic delegates for this year’s session. Young women who have completed their junior year of high school by the time of the program, and who are preparing to enter their senior year of high school are eligible to be delegates.

Below you will find the information regarding whether or not your school has an Auxiliary unit with whom you may work to select delegates. All necessary forms are below, as well as an informational letter for parents/guardians:

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This scholarship is available only to Girls State and Boys State delegates each year and is offered by the Samsung Corporation in conjunction with the American Legion. Nevada Girls State does not administer this scholarship.

Make sure to determine if your school is connected to an Auxiliary unit. How to proceed once you have interested delegates depends upon this information. The registration fee per delegate is $250.00, plus there is a $40.00 materials fee to be paid by the delegate to be submitted with the registration form and fee. Additionally, there is a $75.00 bus fee anyone catching the bus south of Silver Springs. Material fees and bus fees submitted by selected delegates are non-refundable, regardless of whether they attend the session or not.  If less than 30 days notice is given, neither are registration fees. Payment may be made by check, money order, or credit card. Convenience fees charged for payment made online with a credit card are non-refundable.

All forms and fees must be submitted no later than June 15th. 

We would like to briefly describe the type of delegate we are looking for. Delegates to Nevada Girls State must be prepared to participate in a fast-paced week filled with information, training, and tools to help her become a more active and educated citizen. We ask that delegates remain with the program for the entire week and participate in all activities, such as running for office, writing legislation, and being active in the mock legislative session on Friday. We know that some selection processes rely heavily on GPA in order to choose delegates, but we would like to remind you that we really desire delegates to be excellent young women in an all-around sort of way. They do not have to be extremely outgoing, they do not have to be honor students, and they do not even have to know much about local government or legislation writing. While these characteristics may certainly be helpful, we are ultimately looking for individuals who are eager to learn and willing to trust in the process they will go through during their week with our program.

Thank you for your past and continued support!

As a program of the American Legion Auxiliary, Nevada American Legion Auxiliary Units may be able to help your school with funding. For more information please use the following document to determine which American Legion Auxiliary Unit, District, or Program is associated with your school:

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