******The Seventy-First Annual Session of Nevada Girls State will be June 24 - June 30, 2018!****** *********************REGISTRATION DEADLINE EXTENDED TO JUNE 15TH!*******************

Students and Parents

For students who are interested in attending Nevada Girls State and their parents! Girls State is an Americanism study program, which we hope you will find to be an interesting and rewarding experience. Every effort will be made to give you information and practice in the affairs of government that will increase your interest and usefulness as a citizen; and to further develop the leadership qualities you already possess. You will find more information, as well as the forms and instructional materials you’ll need here.

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For counselors and other school officials who have students interested in Nevada Girls State or who just want to know more about our program! Here you will find more information about Nevada Girls State, as well as information about the American Legion Auxiliary Unit with which you are partnered.

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For American Legion Auxiliary Units! Here you will find more information about Nevada Girls State, as well as information about the Nevada schools with which you are partnered.

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Our Next Session:

June 24 – June 30, 2018


Girls State offers training in the processes of good citizenship as practiced in a democratic society. Each summer, approximately 20,000 enthusiastic young women participate in Girls State sessions across the nation. At Girls State, the “citizens” study City, County, and State government processes. They do this by setting up their own miniature City, County and State governments. Then, they administer them according to the laws of their particular State.

After arriving at Girls State, the citizens are divided into two faux-political parties to gain knowledge about the operation of a two-party system. Within these parties, delegates form committees to revise and write legislation to be debated by the State Senators and Assemblywomen that they have elected to represent them.

Girls State citizens participate in these instructional political parties, and elections are held to fill City, County, and State positions. Activities include legislative sessions, campaigning, party meetings, debating, and voting. The citizens also receive special instruction in parliamentary procedure.

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